About Me

I am a passionate award winning scientific photographer specializing in microscopy art. I continuously thrive to fuse art and science through advanced photographic techniques applied to microscopy. I am particularly passionate about imaging chemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. Because of my love for nature, especially the botanical aspect of our world, my imagery tends to take on botanical-like appearances. To make my imagery, I experiment with the synthesis of chemicals in the laboratory in search of complex mixtures that produce exquisite crystallographic patterns when frozen. Every now and again I make a thrilling discovery. In carrying out my artwork I make extensive records, documenting all of my procedures and observations in a recipe book. I find this kind of experimental photographic art and research extremely motivating and rewarding. My aim is to encourage people to look at the finer details of our beautiful world and to cultivate an appreciation of it's beauty, to spark conversation and inspire curiosityby asking questions about what they think the art is when the they look at it. To me, scientific photographic art must not only be educationally informative, but it must be enlightening and it must be aesthetically beautiful to the extent that you would like to hang them on the walls of your home.

Interview with Science Photo Library

Buy Giclee Prints on NANOVIZZ

A selection of my limited edition fine art prints and canvas prints are now available for purchase at NANOVIZZ. They include common medications, health supplements, chemicals used in cancer research, agricultural fertilizers and in engineering, seen in ways never seen before. Nothing about these images is artificial, colours, textures and patterns arise because of the physics and chemistry of the materials and their interaction of the 'white' light passing through their crystalline lattice.